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Health and safety have always been at the forefront of our lives. Today, we face new challenges with an unknown that is present on our minds. I know that it is present on ours. My household isn't different from anyone else's, but there is a newborn, a grandparent, an active duty soldier and a busy first time mother who is called to protect all that I love today and every day into the future.

This is where ZAPPRO began and continues today. From my family to yours, let's share in the convenience of this clean technology as we protect our loved ones from harmful pathogens.


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Nursery Must Have!

I'm a first time mom in the midst of COVID-19. There isn't anything I wouldn't do to ensure that my baby is safe from any germs I may bring home. The SAFEChest brings my entire family peace of mind.

Sophia L.

A million uses!

I love this product! It's simply amazing how functional it is and how it has fit right into our lives. We have it by the front door and all keys, phones, wallets, etc. go right it. It even charges our phones while disinfecting!!!!!

Aiden R.

65+ Medical Worker

I work in the medical field. I am part of the age group that is most at risk, but I still get up and go out every day. We all have to take the recommended precautions. I use my SAFEChest, which was a gift from my daughter, as a second layer of defense. 

Mary C.


UVC is the only effective germicidal light providing eco-friendly, chemical-free elimination of harmful pathogens by 99.9%.

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